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【What To Wear: New School Year】

The new school year is here. Well, I always find the first week of school exciting, probably because we are finally being seen by people we know. That being said, we need to plan our outfits, and hopefully today’s post can give you some ideas.


The first day after weekend always seems a little bit tiring, so I usually can’t be bothered to glam up. To freshen things up a bit, I prefer to grab a stripy T-shirt and a pair of jeans and probably flats to be casual and comfortable.


Photos: kristengracelam



So it’s Tuesday, when I feel like I am finally ready for the week. Let me think, I want to look classy and smart in class but at the same time fashionable and not too attention-seeking. What else is better than a black-and-white combo? And in order to show your fashionista status, a pair of mules is unavoidable!


Photos: zoesuen | kristywho


And we come to Hump Day, pretty much the busiest and hardest day in the week. You know what we need? We need to dress up to get the energy going. Dungaree plus backpack is cute, fashionable and presentable. Or if you are a dress person, how about shirt dress? Tone it down with sneakers and tote bag. You are ready to start the day!


Photos: zoesuen | kristengracelam



It’s Thursday. Why does it seem so long since the weekend? And why do I have so many things to do? I need my cap to cover my dark circles and messy hair. I also wish I could wear my pajama set to classes. Ok, there’s only one way to fulfill all our wishes - athleisure style.

Photos: mykindacozy | kristengracelam



Did somebody say Friday? Finally! I am not sure what your Friday plan is, but it is certainly a good day to dress up and feel good. If you fancy skin-revealing outfits, a mini dress plus sneakers of your choice is youthful and fashionable. If you fancy high street outfits, then wide leg pants and sandals definitely gives you an instant boost of attention.

Photos: trishnarawr | dreachong

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Margaret Hong @maleemalee.hong

It’s Margaret (@maleemalee.hong) here, from Hong Kong.

Love fashion, good wine and dreaming.

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