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【3 Ways To Wear A Scarf This Autumn!】

I know it’s hard to believe, but fashion is always about forward-thinking. Months ago while we were still sweating under the bright summer sun, this autumn trend was already doing strong in Europe! And all you need is just a scarf! Let’s see 3 ways to create your own style with scarf!


1. Tie to your pony tail!

Photos: The Chriselle Factor | @margaret_zhang

In fashion, details always matter the most. See how Chriselle Lim and Margaret Zhang transfer chicness to cuteness here with just one scarf tied to the ponytail. The key is to coordinate your scarf of choice to the outfit, like polka dot scarf and dress, and black ribbon and sweater. And the success lies on the style of the ponytail / bun which complements your face the most.

2. Tie it to your bag

@margaret_zhang | Pinterest

Probably the easiest way among the three to instantly give you a style leap. It is actually practical too given you may get cold in air-conditioned places. The key is to pick a smaller scarf since a larger one look very bulky on the side of a bag. If you really do want to tie a larger one, twist it like a rope and make a knot at the end. That prevents your scarf from falling apart.

3. Tie it to your neck

@margaret_zhang | @_yanyanchan


It looks so good on those influencers, but can cause an unspeakable disaster if you do it wrongly. The material or the print does not matter much, but the way you tie it is the key. Make sure the knot is as small as possible like Yan Yan Chan, or cover your entire neck and hide the knot inside the sweater like Margaret Zhang. Oh, and please do not wear deep v kind of top (because the proportion after tying the scarf around the neck is just wrong).

Margaret Hong @maleemalee.hong

It’s Margaret (@maleemalee.hong) here, from Hong Kong.

Love fashion, good wine and dreaming.

Fb: maleemaleehong

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