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【The 4 Exciting Collaborations in the Coming Season】

Uniqlo x JW Anderson

Unless you were living in a fashionless dungeon, the long-awaited collaboration between the Japanese minimalist fast fashion giant and London’s avant-garde designer is coming this September. The entire collection has just been revealed on Uniqlo’s official website and girls, it’s very British and very 90s-like. Most importantly, it’s very affordable, ranging from HKD 200 to 1200. Take a look at the collection here.

Photos: Elle Malaysia

H&M x Erdem

As seen on Nicole Kidman, Felicity Jones and many other celebrities, Erdem has made its name for prints and outstanding craftsmanship. According to Vogue, this is the first time that Erdem Moralıoğlu, the London-based Turkish designer, designs for men, which will be a reinterpretation of his most celebrated collections. H&M has just teased the collection, which will be launched in November 2, through a short film to keep us hungry. Watch it here.


Photo: Dublin Town

Balmain x Beats (feat. Kylie Jenner)

A music lover? Or a big fan of Balmain? How about a loyal follower of Kylie Jenner? You have every reason to hit that ‘BUY’ button for this invincible collaboration. Available in dirty pink/gold and khaki/gold, the collection is the ultimate fashion and music (and perhaps social media) goals. You can now make the purchase on Apple website at 249.95 USD (earphones) and 599.95 USD (headphones).


Photo: Slash Gear




Tommy x Gigi

The model-slash-photographer-slash-designer continues her partnership with Tommy Hilfiger for the third season in the coming London Fashion Week in September. If you haven’t got the memo already, the see-now-buy-now strategy is rocking for the brand recently, at least for this particular collaboration. That means, if you want to get hold of the latest athleisure design by one of the trend leaders, you better get your computer and money ready.


Photo: Hollywood Reporter

Margaret Hong @maleemalee.hong

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