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【Good Old Times - Hong Kong】

Unlike walking into the stomach of the fast fashion giant, where everything looks alike, lingering in vintage stores is a different shopping experience. I squeeze in, I get swamped in the impenetrable amount of treasures, I hesitate and make a decision, hours later. If you are not ready to break your bank for vintage, I have three ‘beginner’ shops recommendation for you.

Select 18

Select 18 is my go-to vintage shop. For one it’s close to my workplace (yes, human nature: laziness), and it is very affordable for another. Soaking in the cover versions of Isn't She Lovely and Girl On Ipanema etc, I think I see Louis Armstrong vinyl records on the right and typewriters on the left, among vintage Coca Cola sign, cuffs, metal homeware, Modi sunglasses and more. Whenever I feel like shopping but no specific target in mind, Select 18 is the place I end up in.


Address: 18 Bridges St, Tai Ping Shan

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InBetween shop

The shop itself is located at the back of a corner on a small lane in upper Sheung Wan but due to its internet fame there are always having people surround it (ie taking Instagram pictures). I can’t exactly say that things are cheap inside but it certainly brings you back to a better time in the old days like Gil Pender did in Midnight in Paris. Occasionally, InBetween shop also organises workshops for handcrafting lovers to satisfy their lust for uniqueness.

Address: 6B Tai Ping Shan St, Sheung Wan

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Little Dot Vintage

Specialised in vintage clothing, jewellery and toys from the 80s,every single piece in the shop is sourced exclusively by the owner of Little Dot Vintage herself from the State and Japan. It can be a little bit daunting to enter at first for it located upstairs and having door bell, but the owner is really friendly and she is more than happy to tell you the story of each piece you are interested in. I already have my eyes on a Ugly Betty tassel black leather jacket, don’t try to steal it from me, understand? ;p


Address: 1/F, 47 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Margaret Hong @maleemalee.hong

It’s Margaret (@maleemalee.hong) here, from Hong Kong.

Love fashion, good wine and dreaming.

Fb: maleemaleehong

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