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【Outfit Diary: The Camisole】

As I walked pass Uniqlo the other day, their camisole line caught my attention. Plenty of colour options at just $99, I picked up one and ran to the fitting room. ‘Ugh-ah. Nope.’ The top literally hanged on my body like I was a big bucket. That’s when I realise camisole shopping has never been easy, so I figure I may share my experience here to make your potential purchase easier.


What To Buy

Knowing what type of camisole looks the most flattering on you is the number one issue you should figure out. Cotton On do adjustable spaghetti straps for people of all sizes so you can make it the perfect fit for your own body. Grana do both racerback and normal v-shape camisoles so either or both will answer your call. Topshop and Mango are more of the westerner body type. And of course there are Reformation and Are You Am I.

When And Where To Buy

To be honest, camisole is pretty expensive, even for the most inexpensive material like polyester. Given the summer sales has just started, I would recommend you to get it now for a reasonable price. Cotton On cost as low as $60 (the polka dot one in the picture), followed by Uniqlo (if you don’t mind to look like a bucket), H&M, Zara, Topshop and so on.


How To Wear

Easy. The answer is anything. I repeated it with different pairs of pants and I assure you that I wore it with the white jeans as well. You can easily style it with a skirt/shorts and sandals. Or you can layer it with a tank top or T-shirt. You can also add layers of necklace or neck scarves. Trust me, it goes with EVERYTHING.

Who Also Loves Camisole

Margaret Hong @maleemalee.hong

It’s Margaret (@maleemalee.hong) here, from Hong Kong.

Love fashion, good wine and dreaming.

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